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EuroLinux – better Enterprise-class Linux

EuroLinux is an Enterprise-class server operating system. Its base is well-known from other leading distributions code and add-ons. Our product stands out with better, support and easier licensing combined with a competitive price.

EuroDB, PostgreSQL with additional modules

EuroDB – more than a database

EuroDB is a product based on the popular PostgreSQL engine, which is combined with additional modules. They allow for better management of data, security, and performance and reduce the time needed to analyze the status of the database and incidents. EuroDB is a top class product.

EuroAP, Euro Application Platform

EuroAP – full-featured middleware

Euro Application Platform provides an innovative and modular middleware architecture. The rich selection of ready-made components extends the potential productivity of programmers, and the powerful CLI interface supports (Dev) Ops in automation and management. EuroAP was built based on the same source code as Red Hat® JBoss® Application Platform, which makes it the most exciting alternative to JBoss presently on the market.

EuroMan – simple management of Linux systems

EuroMan is a tool for managing Linux operating systems. It allows the easy administration of the entire physical, virtual and cloud environments via a graphical console. It helps in the configurating and updating of systems, maintaining their smooth operation.

EuroStorage – new generation storage

EuroStorage is a memory-based product defined by SDS (Software-Defined Storage). It features high resistance to crashes / high fault tolerance, including autonomous fault response. It has a modular structure and can be used on any equipment, which contributes to a significant cost reduction.